Product Review Sample Article – LG’s new 42” HDMI television


LG’s new flat screen television takes entertainment to a whole new level of sight and sound. Measuring 40.1 x 10.4 x 27.5 inches and weighing only 33 pounds it is easy to move if needed and its slimline design complements any décor. But there is more to this marvel of technology than looks—you will not believe the superior viewing experience you’ll get thanks to HDMI technology.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This new technology transfers uncompressed data from the source to an HDMI device such as a television, CD player, Blu-Ray disc player, computer, etc. Conventional television signals are converted into analog information at the source and then converted back to digital to display on the television screen. This results in loss of integrity and distorts the picture as well as the sound. HDMI TV doesn’t need the information converted so it arrives just as it left the source—a clean, crisp picture and perfect sound just as it was produced to be transmitted. Conventional TV owners might think they have the best picture and sound until they sit down in front of an HDMI television.

Before HDMI technology you could get a better picture but needed special equipment, cables and jacks. With HDMI you don’t need all that mess, just the television itself. HDMI also comes with up to 8 digital audio channels so you get outstanding surround-sound if you choose to. It is capable of carrying 5 gigabits of data per second, twice the bandwidth of conventional televisions or other audio-visual devices. Now, watching a concert on television is the closet thing to being there if you have LG’s new HDMI TV.

HDMI technology makes colors are more vibrant and realistic; even the smallest detail stands out. The Picture Wizard II allows you to adjust the picture to your own preferences; you can use on-screen calibration to configure color, sharpness, tint, backlighting levels and black level to get the visual experience that is most rewarding to you. Why should you be confined to what a factory technician thinks is ideal when you can choose your own settings?

LG’s new 42” HDMI television is also an energy saver so you won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your favorite movies, shows and events. Depending on how much your energy supplier charges per kilowatt hour, you’ll spend an average of just $22 per year based on 5 hours of viewing per day.

LG has also addressed one of the frustrations most of us have experienced with lighting conditions. Our TV might be fine most of the day but when the sun is setting its glare might interfere with the picture. Who wants to sit in a heavily draped room just to watch TV? LG’s Intelligent Sensor is designed to optimize the picture depending on lighting conditions in the room. Plus, you’ll have pixel resolution of 1080p which transcends conventional HDTV for the best picture clarity, detail and quality that you’ve ever enjoyed.

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