Basics of writing a good Press Release

Learning how to write a press release is one of the most valuable publicity tools that you can use to promote your company. Journalists of all types like a well written press release because they are informative, short, and fill up space. In short, it makes their job easier, lightens their work load and reduces the space they have to fill by adding interesting content for their readers.

Since you want your press release to be read and published it needs an attention-grabbing headline. In fact, “attention grabbing” are the operative words when learning how to write a press release. The most important keywords should be the first three in the headline, such as “Energy Costs Increase Sharply in First Quarter” or “Self Help Courses in Demand in Middle America”.

It is important to keep sentences and paragraphs short and concise so that the press release is quick and easy to read. Your goal is not so much to educate as to create interest in your subject so that the reader will want to learn more. Avoid run-on sentences and stick to the facts. Your readers will want to read opinions and you must generate enough interest for them to go after that information on their own.

The most effective technique when learning how to write a press release is to stick to the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why. For example:

Bordeaux Investments Brokers Optimistic for Second Quarter

Jay Norris, spokesman for Wine, Inc., says the company expects stocks to soar higher in the second quarter according to their Paris branch that has just finished the annual report on crop conditions in the Bordeaux region.

As you can see, anyone interested in the subject of Bordeaux wine investments will be grabbed by the headline and have the essential facts in less than 30 seconds. They are likely to read the entire press release and continue to the company’s site, which you will insert at the end of the press release.

It is standard practice to end the press release with three hash marks like so: ### centered beneath the last line of the release. Under these you should offer concise facts about the company, contact information and a link to their website.

Now that you know how the write a press release you’ll want to submit it to several press release submission services. You’ll find several dozen of them with a simple internet search. Writing a good press release takes just a few minutes if you have all the facts and the results after releasing it can be spectacular.


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