The Importance of Formatting Your Press Release

Few people realize that style and layout, otherwise known as formatting, are just as important to a successful press release as high-quality content. The news release layout is a critical thing to use so that your releases are taken seriously by the reader. Otherwise, they are likely to move on. Here we will talk about this outline.

The Outline To Follow For Press Release Writing

Here is the basic outline for press releases. If you follow it, your release will be much more likely to be taken seriously. Always check with specific distributors, as some may have a slight variation or certain specifications about one piece or another.
  1. The Headline
In this section, you write a headline that is short. It should include your main keyword and be less than 270 characters.
  1. Summary Intro
This is the section where you give a brief summary of the point of the release. It can be a sentence, or it can be a little bit longer. It is generally italicized and can stand alone to show the reader what to expect in the release.
  1. Location/Date
After your summary intro, you start by saying where the news is happening. Often times, this is the location of the business. You will include the name of the distribution service in parentheses, and then say the date in the Month/Day/Year format.
  1. Body Of Text
This should start directly after the date and be separated by a dash with a space. The body will vary in length from one release to the next, but generally it has a few paragraphs and they are all very short. Each one is singularly focused and precise. There is one line between each.
  1. Information About the Company
This section is labeled so that the reader can easily find it; for instance, this section in a press release about might be titled, About It has a precise factual synopsis of the business. It is the place that many eyes will skip to in order to tell if they want to read the body or not. The company information statement that you use here can also be used on published news releases.
  1. Contact Information
Again, this section is labeled for the reader so that they can find it easily on the page. It will include the name of the contact person or spokesperson and their phone number and email address. If applicable, there will also be information for their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn information. The URL for the business will also be in this section, as well as the physical address if applicable. Press Release Writing and Distribution Service is now been offered at

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