Dealing with Demanding Clients - Customer is always right !!

As an article writer your job is to please the client no matter how difficult his/her demands are. Your client is usually trying to sell a product or service and your content writing is an important key in his or her marketing plan. One of the most maddening but important aspects of website content writing is keywords and their placement.

Using Keywords Creatively

Keywords, as you may know, are words that the average person us


How to write your First Article - The Basics of Article Writing

One advantage of article writing and website writing is that you learn so much about so many things. For example, I never thought I could understand how the stock market worked until I accepted an assignment for several dozen articles about different types of stocks and how they were traded. In addition, that knowledge now allows me to better participate in my own investments and has saved me from making some bad decisions!

Learn How to Research Effectively


Ingredients of Successful Article Writing

Article writing is not going to make you rich but it can provide a nice supplemental income. Did that grab your attention? Good, because you have an average of ten seconds to interest someone in what you have to say before they go back to their search results to look for something closer to what they are looking for. Unlike book readers, internet browsers are looking for fast results and they want to know the answers to their questions right away—or at least see the promise of getting what they want in your website writing. The average person browsing the