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BY LEE – 31st May

I had a super response from Anuj and was really pleased with the work that was done on my health related article. I gave a brief outline of what I was after for this topic's 'slant' and the writing came back PERFECTLY! Additionally, it came back the SAME DAY. I was really impressed and am developing a set of titles to have written for my upcoming site. Thank you so much!

By Alexander – 12th April

I have ordered one article for a project that I really couldn't do on my own. The project was a one page website, but with very specific requirements.
I needed the article to be a little bit longer, commercial and informative at the same time. Extensive research and brainstorming had to be done in order to complete this successfully.
Needless to say, Anuj and his team did the job perfectly. They completed the project ultra fast, with no revisions or modifications on my part whatsoever. His service is what someone would say "best buy". The price to quality ratio is outstanding. Highly recommended.

By Adam – 24th March

I have used Anuj to write articles for me and I can strongly recommend him.

By Artlan – 27th December

I ordered a set of articles in a relatively hard niche on Friday. All the articles were delivered to me by Sunday afternoon. The quality was simply outstanding. I could definitely see that a lot of research and thought was put in to write my articles. The customer service was excellent. I spoke to Anuj and he addressed all of the questions I had prior to ordering and his team followed my instructions to a tee. Simply put, I am extremely happy with the articles and will be ordering many more soon.

By Zaheer – 11th December

Just a quick one. I've been using article writers now for a while, but have always struggled to find good quality even though I pay good prices. Anyway, my precondition is to have writers that are native English i.e. US/UK only. I was a little bit aprehensive with Anuj at first becuase I thought this was not the case (sorry Anuj). After he told me that his writers were native English speakers, I got a 500 word review copy. All I have to say is WOW. I actually enjoyed reading this article, it was as I specified in my brief, no actually, it superseeded my expectations. I'm now just finalising a few article briefs which I will send off shortly and am going to use Anuj on a regular basis.
By the way Anuj, do you ever sleep or are there lots of clones of you becasue you seem to be on thet email like 25 hours a day.
Very recommended and I don't say that lightly.

By Mark Shelly – 23rd November

I would like to highly recommend Anuj's work. He has written over 30 articles for me in the fast few weeks. The essays were in a broad range of subjects both technical and literary. Anuj has sent me material from different writers and allowed me to choose the writer I wished for website continuity. He provides a fast reliable service and I hope to be working together with him long into the future.
This is a great opportunity to place some good, relevant content on those parked domain pages.

By Freeman – 17th November

Just a brief review:
I ordered two articles and requested to pay a little extra for a super fast turnaround. Wow, these articles are good. In the past, I've paid quite a bit for people with Masters-level educations to write for me, and these articles are better.
I'm not sure if Anuj wrote these personally or if it was done by a member of his team, but the quality couldn't be better. For me, quality is huge, so I will absolutely use Anuj in the future.

By Homer J – 12th October

I have just received my free review article from Anuj, and after reading it over I must say I was very pleased. A few points I can detail:

  • The article was written in complete accordance with my instructions as to what type of content I was looking for.
  • The article was very well written. I have seen some content writers that look like they used a random word generator to write their articles :D. but this was not the case at all. If these are not native english speakers anuj has writing I certainly could not tell at all.
  • I could tell that the author actually did some research from the accuracy and detail of the content.
Overall I am satisfied with the work and will be keeping it in mind for future projects

By Wired – 20th August

Thank you Anuj!
I received two articles from two of your writers. Thank you for letting me sample both writers.
This is the real McCoy. I received my second set of 10 articles within three days. All articles went thru three reviews; accuracy, unique content and relevance. All passed.
More work coming your way Anuj.

BY Jimpapa – 20th August

Very good Review-Article , its hard to find decent review articles at these days Very clean content and keyword specific , i am sure it will help my results , thank you and i hope to work with you soon again

By Erica L Rich – 4th June

Anuj has been working with us for a few weeks now and we are VERY VERY impressed with the quality provided. He gives excellent results. This was a golden find, and we're glad to have stumbled across him here.
Be sure to be explicit in keywords, subject matter and voice of content and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the top quality work returned. He sends a sample of the writing to be critiqued and to make sure they are on the right path which is really invaluable.
If you need blog, articles or website content - Anuj is your man!
Looking forward to continued projects with Anuj and his company.

By Fedrer – 7th May

Just received more articles from Anuj for my CustomMaps.net and Cameos.net MiniSites. Take a look at the great content yourselves. This guy is FAST, EFFICIENT, and takes pride in the excellent service/communication/talent that he offers.
I am a regular customer and will be shortly returning to him for tons more articles for my MiniSites. The best around, easily.

By Ronald – 22nd April

I have ordered one article and i must say that this service is great, very easy communication,fast delivery and most important excellent quality written article provided from Anuj,in future i will for sure take more orders...thanks

By Soggy – 2nd February

just got my four samples back, and I can vouch mine have a great, zippy ring to them - i'll be back for more. I'll post the results when they're up if you want to read them for yourself.
Anuj is great to have on the line also - very happy to help out when you need changes, corrections, anything like that. He didn't charge me for things I wanted differently, I actually felt like throwing some extra dollars his way to say thanks - how often does that happen?

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